Monday, April 12, 2010

Why does Z capture?

Hi My name is Z. All my life I have been very interested in taking pictures and photography. So far I had taken photographs with a regular digital camera. Recently I decided moving towards to digital SLR. I started taking photography classes. This blog is my photography diary. I will post only my photographs, so I can see my improvement. In the past I worked on Blue Flower project for my other blog. For Zcaptures I have ideas for new projects. First I have to improve my photography skills. Eventually I will find my won style. My dream is one day I will have my own exhibition at Guggenheim or Moma. Don't laugh! When I moved to NYC nine years ago.  Some of my friends laughed at, since I wasn't speaking in English. I worked really hard and still I'm working harder. I believe if someone really wants to achieve something, eventually he will. I hope my dream will come truth in the near future. Wish me luck!
Welcome to my photography world. You will see the world through my eyes and the way I crop. First take your shoes off and enter my digital living room. Take a look around. :):):)


  1. I know I ΄m a bit late, I found your blog and I like it!!!!

  2. i just find your blog and i love it :D

  3. Came from Cara in Brisbane. Glad that I found your blog, quite inspirational way to photograph.

  4. Hi Z, your photos are a great motivation for me as I work through my photo-a-day project in Brisbane.

  5. google "joseph Wolfgang ohlert". i think you will like him. XD



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Why does Z capture?

Why  does Z capture?
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